Our trip to Playa Rincon

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If you enjoy a long rugged road trip with sightseeing along the way, you will really enjoy a trip to Playa
Rincon, located in the Northeast region of Dominican Republic. The beach is a Paradise of white sand
and clear waters hidden in a jungle. We rented a car in Samana and packed some fruit and drinks for the
way! The ride was full of spectacular views and small villages along the way. Some of these remote
farmers have some of the most priceless views right from their small humble homes.
We headed out from Samana following the signs leading us towards Las Galeras. This was going to take
us in the right direction towards this beautiful tropical beach.
We passed several villages of colorful homes and some not-so-colorful, that were still cement grey.
Several villagers were sitting on their porch, maybe relaxing and mingling with neighbors, women with
children and mothers taking care of infants.
As I was driving, my husband was taking care of our baby in the back seat behind tinted windows, so I
got a lot of whistles and hollers from guys who must have thought I was alone – they must not see too
many blondes driving through their neighborhood. It also seemed as though time was not an issue
here, no one was in a rush.
There were a lot of fruit stands on the side of the road, filled with mangos, bananas, papayas,
pineapples, passion fruits, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, squash, and watermelons. There
seems to be no shortage of food here, they grow naturally from the tropical trees surrounding their
homes. Although we were really on a mission to get to the beach we didn't stop to visit with the locals,
except to ask for directions.
When we arrived at the entrance to the town of Las Galeras, we almost missed our turn. We asked a
few people for directions, which were very specific – like they are telling us a story about their
neighborhood. All I could understand was ” la derecha” so my husband translated. It seemed the rest
of the way was full of turning right.
Some of the most breathtaking views were up in the mountains when you could see the ocean breaking
through the lushes green forests of palm trees. It was almost picture perfect!
As we continued our drive towards the ocean; the roads seemed to get really rocky, which got me a little
nervous. We saw a farmer riding a horse along the way, he assured us we were almost there! When we
arrived at the beach it was filled with clear water, white sand and not a single person in sight, we drove
along a sandy path towards a restaurant where they grilled fresh fish, lobster, and chicken in front of
your eyes.
This was worth the time it takes to get here! A remote beach in the corner of the Tropics!

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