Who is Travelshore?

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TravelShore is your most trusted and fun travel company for the Dominican Republic.
Imagine yourself, relaxing on a sunny white sandy beach, a cold drink in your hand, and the shore waters reaching your toes, well our services go beyond the beaches and Resorts. We offer all kinds of summer adventures from ecotourism excursions, local culinary tasting tours, relaxation packages and offshore adventures-to extreme adrenaline rush activities. We want you to experience all that The Dominican Republic has to offer, the beach and beyond!

TravelShore will guide you in your journey to discover the Dominican Republic, which shares an Island with Haiti, located south of the Bermuda Triangle and the Atlantic ocean, north of the Caribbean Sea, east of Cuba and is west of Puerto Rico. The Dominican Republic has the highest mountain peak in the Caribbean; Pico Duarte and the lowest point which is a salt-water lake; Enriquillo Lake.

From white water rafting down a river to hiking a mountain with breathtaking views, and enjoying a local home-made dish with delicious Caribbean flavors! This Island has a cultural blend of ingredients from Africa, Spain, middle-east and the Caribbean's Natives; known as the aboriginal Taino‘s. Making this Island lively and vibrant, with musical Latin rhythm and dancing on every street corner. This Island is a must-see with happy-loving people and culture!

We must mention the variety of extreme outdoor adventures such as; paragliding, off-roading, canyoning; walking, rappelling, jumping, climbing, scrambling and swimming. If you would rather enjoy water sports, there is kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, kite boarding, parasailing, scuba-diving and the list goes on! This is a paradise playground for everyone. Depending on your skill set, there are teachers and trainers to help you get started on your adventure! TravelShore will escort you every step of the way!

There are beaches that are so isolated; it feels like you are floating to heaven in a dream-land of white sand and crystal clear waters. You can even catch a catamaran, which will take you to a nearby Island off-shore, where the natural lands are protected for ecological research and enjoyment.

TravelShore is your “go to resource” to find all your travel information to design your personal vacation package! Our team has excellent knowledge about the Dominican Republic to make you feel right at home; our professional localhost, tour directors, and guides are empowered to answer any questions you might have about this mystic tropical island, in both English and Spanish languages. We offer on time travel services with friendly and caring professional personnel, waiting for you the minute you arrive! Providing you with airport transfer, personal attention to help you get settled in your preferred accommodations, daily guidance and advise when traveling in groups and personal recommendations. So if you are looking to indulge yourself beyond a resort, TravelShore will guide you through the hidden tropical treasures of the Dominican Republic, whether you want to relax, immerse in the culture or enjoy outdoor adventures and ecotourism!

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