Energetic beach town, with healthy and friendly local vibe, excellent to stay active in the water, Windsurfing, Kite boarding, or relaxing with yoga splash
Historic city, Full of charm and adventures. Most complete and diverse destination. nestled between rhythms of the ocean and detour of the mountains park terrains. "‘The Bride of the Atlantic." known for its charming atmosphere and active lifestyle full of natural wonders, mix gastronomy Natural ReserveDiverse type of Accommodation High Class Marina with capacity for 122 yatchs Multicultural Gastronomic Festival is celebrated, highlighting the cultural diversity that exists in this municipality. Charming atmosphere and mix of a relaxed and adventurous lifestyle. Its café-style daytime scene, club-like night scene known for the world capital of kite surfing spot as well as a popular place for windsurfing, making it the favorite place for professional competitions of kite Luperon - Luperón bay has traditionally been considered as an important point of world sailing and in the navigation routes of the Atlantic for its unique physiographic characteristics that guarantee effective protection in meteorological events, which is considered as the safest natural refuge for those who venture through this part of the world. It is currently a National Historical Park has an archaeological area where the ruins of the foundations of the first villas, as well as a museum where both Taino and Spanish pieces are exposed, excavations findings in the area. mountains with varied vegetation and several rivers and streams are appreciated. where the typical merengue originates, played with güira, drum and accordion. Over the years some recognized typical merengue musician have emerged from this place, Imbert Township is located in the center of the province of Puerto Plata, and its beginnings are linked to the development of ferroviano system of the country during the government of Ulises Heureaux. Some of its attractions are the 27 waterfalls of La Damajagua, apart from a unique dining place as are the famous Geos cheeses and Melao pralines. Another characteristic product of the area is petrified wood crafts, where a group of local craftsmen jointly developed a highly varied objects and reasons related to the Taino crafts, animals and religious. The raw material can only be found in this area. Altamira - Dream place of pleasant climate, which led to the exclamation of Admiral Columbus "from the top look," and that gave name to this hidden between the elevations of our mountains community. Its location and natural conditions have allowed it to play significant roles in certain moments in history; It is promoted under the slogan "Green Diamond" by its nature and value of their land, in which various agricultural and eco-tourism site conditions the products are grown. Los Hidalgos - This town is known under the brand "Land of Poppies", a tribute to his beautiful plants found all the way from the place. Each year in April is celebrated the Fair Poppies inspired by the romantic value that gives this flower, including declarations of love, formalization of marriage and renewal of vows. Says a fable that the woman who has no luck in love just has to sit on a poppy and your luck will change. Villa Isabela is the Sanctuary provides habitat for various marine species and birds, some endangered species, including manatees Reserve Estero Hondo. Where everything began in Las Americas. The ruins, a museum, Las America’s temple, carvings of Guayacan’s precious wood. Montellano - The origin of this town is linked to the cultivation and processing of sugar cane, although the installation of mills or sugar mills in “La Hispaniola” dates from the early sixteenth century. It was formed around the human ingenuity settlement which today is known as Villa Montellano. This was a very important sugar mill in the area.
Cosmopolitan cultural vibe with an easygoing beach feel, full of adventures surrounded by National Parks and exclusive tranquility, ideal for couples. temperature throughout the year, surrounded by National Parks protected area Scientific Reservation Marine Mammal Sanctuary.
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Santiago is the city for crazy parties, cultural currents and amazing restaurants. It is a great place for simple strolling as every neighborhood has something to offer. You can spend the day visiting the historical museums or looking at the grand architecture. You can enjoy a great afternoon picnic in one of the beautiful hillside parks.
Located above the Caribbean's highest mountain ranges one of the country’s most important agricultural center, with a diverse ecosystem and micro-climate, which makes the mountain region town of constanza an ideal place for eco-tourism activities.
"Place where the water flows" If you want to take pleasure in the middle of the nature Jarabacoa is the ultimate destination for adventure, ecotourism, touring the mountains, extreme sports and even to disconnect and relax.